“People Loving People”

Garth Brooks puts out new single as new tour begins

Ashlyn Scott, Assistant Editor

Song Review:

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Garth Brooks recently released single “People Loving People” in my opinion might just be one of the best songs written yet.
The word choice and the messages conveyed in this song are exceptional. Within the first two verses he sings a couple of sentences that impacted me quite a bit. “You can’t get forgiveness at the store, and peace. It’s a politician’s war.” These lines are explaining that it is hard to find forgiveness anymore, so many grudges so easily and yet never letting things go.
I respect the chorus. He tells what he believes to be the answer to the world’s most prominent problems. “People loving people, that’s the enemy of everything that’s evil, ain’t no quick fix at the end of a needle, it’s just people loving people.” I agree with Brooks. I think most problems stem from the lack of care between people anymore.
I really love the fact that Brooks released this single. I feel if we had more music like this things would be better. This is not only a song but a lesson being broadcasted to everyone on the radio. The lessons taught are very relevant and relatable.