Permian Spirit Trumps All

School gets underway with Pep-rallies, spirit days

Chelsey Squiers, Staff Reporter

All hail to Alma Mater
We will always loyal be.
Where e’re the future leads,
Our thoughts will return to thee.
On every field of battle,
Will our banner ever wave.
There will be a glorious victory
For Permian High Always

     Permian Panthers get all hyped up by having pep-rallies every chance they get on Fridays. They cheer on our athletic teams and help them get motivated for the upcoming game. This is how they show their school spirit and love for the sports.

     “I really enjoy them because it is a chance for all the students to be involved in the school spirit,” Junior Hannah Heldt said. “My favorite part of the pep-rally is our family at Permian High School joining together and singing the Alma Mater.”

     They gather together with the approval of our principals to show our school spirit.

     “Being in unity with the student body and singing the Alma Mater is the best part of our pep-rallies,” Junior Tiahnna Sherman said.

     Another way Panthers show their school spirit is by having spirit days. They have these days throughout the school year to support their fellow classmates while competing against other teams on the court and the field.

     Showing school spirit also goes as far as attending the games. It is important for the Permian family, to attend as many games as they can in order to help motivate the members of these organizations, including showing their love and support.

     This year Permian will  have seven pep-rallies and thirteen spirit days. On these spirit days, there will be different themes for us to follow, to help motivate the teams for their upcoming game.

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