Back to School


Yanitza Marti

Students crowed in the intersection of M and G hall during passing periods.

Yanitza Martinez

     After two years faculty and students are back in school, with some students continuing to follow Covid-19 restrictions by wearing their masks, standing six feet apart and other students are getting vaccinated for their own safety.

     “I got vaccinated and wear my mask for the safety of others,” APA Algebra ll teacher Karime Melendez said.

     Although some students are following the restrictions, M and G hall get extremely crowded during passing periods. Passing periods are five minutes, meaning students using those halls are extremely exposed to the possiblility of contracting Covid-19. 

     “I feel it needs more restrictions. It’s too crowded,” freshman Antony Garcia said. 

    Being back has many cons, it also has many pros. Students are back to socializing with their classmates and having greater opportunities to succeed in class. 

     “I like it because I was so bored at home and I get to see my friends every day at school,”  junior Iris Espino said.

     Teachers are also enjoying having students back in their classes. 

     “I love it. It’s so much nicer, I love seeing full faces,” Pre-Cal teacher Tyann Neimann said. “It’s so much easier. I feel back at home”.