Students, Staff hope for Normalcy for Next School Year

Brenna Sollis, Staff Writer

     As the COVID school year comes to an end, teachers and students are looking for new changes within the school and the classroom. 

     “My hope is that we can accept a new normal that will be carried out through Permian and its students,” English teacher Katie Groneman said. 

     With the wide availability of new technologies making their way into classrooms, teachers plan on using them to their advantage. 

     “With a new variety of resources in and outside the school, I can do so much more to advance my education,” junior Serenity Wilson said. 

     Many also hope to have higher attendance rates, both virtually and in person. 

     “I think next year we will have more students in person,” Groneman said. “It’s hard to relate to students online, but when they’re in the classroom, so much more can be done.”

     Overall, school employees and attendees are excited for a fresh start, and with a year of uniqueness under their belt, they plan on making the most of it. 

     “Next year will hopefully be so much easier than this year,” Wilson said. “And I believe it will be a year to remember.”