Looking Back at Challenging Year

Judith Guerra, Guest Writer

With this crazy and different school year, everyone had their ups and downs, but people will remember this year as a new experience. Also, each person has something big that they will remember. 

“The thing we are going to remember about this school year is that COVID is restricted and lifted,” counselor Carnina Escajeda said. “The best thing about this is that we could see our students, friends, and family again. At times, because it felt like the pandemic would never end!”.

Some teachers we’re happy that they did not have to go to meetings face-to-face.

“Everyone is going to remember it as a virtual year,” Economics teacher Keith Bullard said. “The best thing about this year was that I didn’t have to attend meetings in person”.

Some teachers wanted to help their students more.

“I hope students will remember me as a fair, and dedicated teacher to help my students to learn,” World History teacher James Wier said. “The best thing about this year is that some students ask for more information about what you’re discussing”.

It was a different year so it was also a different way of teaching for some teachers.

“People will remember the mask, eating lunch in the classroom, and not being able to hang with friends like they wanted,” Algebra teacher Tammy Parker said. “The best thing about this school is that there are different ways to reach students face to face, this is a tool that I plan to work and develop more to become a better teacher.”

Everyone had to wear masks and so didn’t see as many students on campus this year.

“I think that students will remember that we required masks everywhere at all times, and we had a small small percentage of our normally large student population here on campus, but we could walk easier,” English teacher Samantha Escobedo said. “The best thing about this year is that I was able to learn more about technology and how to utilize it in the classroom, and with this I can connect with my students even though they may have never sat at a desk in my class”.

For the students, it was different being “online” because not many students knew how to use computers well, or in some cases at all.

“Something that we are all going to remember about this year is that we did online school,” senior Diego Corral said.

Some are happy that they could be in touch with their friends.

“The biggest thing I will remember about this year is that we connected with some of my friends even through the pandemic,” sophomore Aaron Zubiate said. 

Others will remember the events that happened this year and couldn’t happen last year because of the pandemic.

“One of the biggest things I will remember about this year is Prom because last year they didn’t have one,” freshmen Joshua Recio said. “The best thing about this school year is that I met some good friends even though we didn’t go to school that much”.