Student’s Finish Year with Multiple Tests

Samantha Segura, Staff Writer

     Students make preparations for the Advanced Placement and final exams on campus throughout the month of May by reflecting on all that they have learned throughout the year. 

      “Preparing students for the AP US History test requires me to help students develop both their knowledge and abilities,” AP US History teacher Johnny Carroll said. “Developing their knowledge requires exposing them to a broad and deep exploration of the facts surrounding events and ideas that have occurred in US History.” 

     The AP exams are difficult to master and allows students to earn college credit for passing the exam.

     “Many more of our students could earn valuable college credit on the exams by applying themselves more diligently to their preparation throughout the year,” Carroll said.

     Those that do participate in an AP exam for any of their classes will be excused from taking the final exam for that specific class.

     “However, I do have final exams for my elective classes, Neuroscience and Decathlon, and I hope they are really easy,” senior Sneha Kesavan said. “They are my easier classes so I’ll take a quick look at my journals and other class materials before exam day just to be prepared.”

     Many teachers use a variety of different methods to help their students review and be prepared for these assessments.

     “My students are using mixed Quizizz reviews outside of class to review and we are playing Kahoot and working out calculation-type problems together in class this week, to prepare for final exams,” AP Chemistry teacher Rebecca Joy said. “ I try to tell them to just focus on practicing solving problems and ask questions if anything seems confusing still.”

     Students find their teachers to be extremely helpful and supportive during this stressful time in the school year. 

     “My teachers have been doing an amazing job with providing reviews and practice problems,” junior Itzel Morales said. “I plan on studying the reviews my teachers have given me, and really staying organized on when I will study a specific subject.”

     Students find that their extracurricular activities help them relax a bit and take some pressure off of their shoulders.

     “Tennis is also something that helps relieve some pain that can help get rid of some stress for finals but also lighten the mood and help me become determined to keep studying to pass,” junior Dhruvkumar Patel said.

     Many students look forward to next school year and use that excitement as a source of motivation to finish this term on a good note.

     “The thing that keeps me motivated throughout the rest of this year is that we only have a couple weeks till summer and till I start looking at colleges and all the fun things about going into senior year,” junior Sara Chavez said.