Symphony Sweeps Again

Brenna Sollis, Guest Writer

     This year Satin Strings, Symphony, and Philharmonic have made sweepstakes yet again after working harder than ever before. Even with new rules, guidelines, and precautions, these students made it to the top.

     “This was a unified accomplishment because it takes dedication from every single person in this group to get sweepstakes. Everyone has to work together to accomplish one goal,” lead violinist Makaleigh Niemann said.

     The Permian Orchestra was one of the only groups to make sweepstakes, further heightening the ideals of the MOJO legacy, and allowing these students to represent their district to the best of their ability.

      “A lot of work goes into getting sweepstakes. There is a lot of time invested into it, but the reward is definitely worth it in the end,” Niemann said.

      While COVID may have attacked at all angles, this group was able to come together for a great year of practice and music.

     “Corona was definitely a step back for the orchestra, but when we were able to meet in person again,” Niemann said. “We caught up and were able to keep the sweepstakes legacy going.”

     After reaching such levels of success, these performers are now directing their attention to a new goal. The orchestra will soon be putting in the hours as they prepare to showcase their talent and skills during the upcoming spring concert.

      “Being a part of something bigger than myself is amazing,” Niemann said. “One instrument sounds great by itself, but when multiple instruments come together, it adds depth and perspective to the music, and even has the power to move people.”