Memories Made at 2021 Prom


Photo courtesy of Abby George.

Samantha Key, Guest Writer

      Prom 2021 was recently held at the Marriott Hotel and here’s what students have to say about it. 

      “Harper Terry and Bailey Rios won prom king and queen, they were really happy about it,” junior Kristi Renee said.

     These seniors were overjoyed to have won, according to Renee.

      “The theme was casino night so we played blackjack and roulette for most of the night just for fun and we danced and took photos,” junior Kayla Renteria said. “The place it was at was so gorgeous like they had these chandelier looking lights and the restrooms were so big, huge mirrors and tons of stalls. There were free makeup wipes, Victoria’s Secret perfumes, and other perfumes in there. The music they played was alright for the most part, they played some cumbias and reggaeton.”

     Prom was very well organized, as Renteria, a student on the junior board, explained. Everyone was having the time of their lives.

     “When my friends got there, we all got our makeup and hair done and then left at around 5:00,” junior Sara Fuentes said. “At 6:30 we all took pictures and at 7:30 we went to the hotel where prom was at. When we got there, we had to wait in line but we wanted to get a table fast for dinner but didn’t end up getting one until 8:30. It took about 20 to 30 minutes for anybody to get on the dance floor. It was pretty fun.”

      Students had an amazing time getting ready with their friends, according to Fuentes.

      “I had a really great time. It was super fun being able to dress up with all my friends and our dates and then taking pictures,” junior Kylie Reyes said. “The venue was so beautiful and the decorations were amazing. The music was fun and the side games they had were also fun. I definitely made some awesome memories with my homies.”

     Everyone’s experience was different but in the end, they all had a fantastic night.

     “My prom experience went really well,” junior Mia Molinar said. “The music was funny, for example, WAP that was an interesting choice. Other than that it was really fun and I really enjoyed the casino theme where they had all the games.”

     Apparently, things got a little too crazy for some people but the outcome was the same.

     “When we first walked in WAP was playing so that’s pretty memorable and also no one was wearing masks even though they were supposed to be required but I kept mine on,” senior Trysta Irby said. “The music was pretty fun and everyone went crazy for the Cupid shuffle. The most fun song for me was the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. There were light-up foam things that we got to have in it, and people started getting on people’s shoulders. It got pretty wild. I got to see a lot of my friends that I haven’t gotten to see all year which was nice to talk to them again.”

     Overall it was an experience everyone that went would not forget.

     “Prom isn’t like it is in the movies but overall it’s fun if you’re with the right people,” Irby said.