Students Display Their Artistic Abilities


Michael Flax

Senior Bailey Dunston puts some finishing touches on her art piece before the exhibit at the Ellen Noel Art Museum.

Samantha Segura, Guest Writer

            Students created pieces for the ECISD High School Art Show at the Ellen Noel Museum Mar. 31 to April 16. 

            “Each of the four Art teachers had about 12-20 students participate,” Art teacher Cheryl Stribling said. “Each teacher had the required number of pieces, which was 20-25 per teacher this year.” 

            Students greatly enjoyed their involvement in the art show and found it incredibly rewarding.

            “My experience during this art show was very fun because everyone was commenting on how amazing I did and how they were shocked about what I could do,” junior Sierra Rios said. “Therefore, I greatly appreciated everything everyone said and I had a really great time seeing everyone else’s artwork as well.” 

            The art competition Visual Arts Scholastic Event took place virtually at the beginning of the semester and experienced a good outcome for those involved.

            “Six students from Permian qualified for state, they all received Regional Medals,” Stribling said. 

            Many received a symbol to represent their hard work and dedication that exceedingly paid off in the end. 

           “There were many students receiving medals at VASE as well because they received top division ratings,” Stribling said.

            Some participants were very new to the VASE competition and felt nervous about the whole thing. 

            “I would say that my experience with VASE was very new because I never really classified myself as an “artist”, so drawing myself and submitting it in a state competition was really scary,” sophomore Marissa Equiniones said.

            However, they received endless support from their teachers and peers that was a source of inspiration for them.

            “I would say my motivation for entering the VASE competition was mostly Mrs. Stribling, I remember turning in my self-portrait for the actual project grade and I wasn’t really proud of it, but it was what I had at the deadline,” Equiniones said. “When Mrs. Stribling gave me her feedback. She told me how much she loved it and even gave me specifics as to what she loved about it and what I could fix, along with how it could be a great submission for VASE.”

Art teacher Luis Trejo-Fuentez does last minute adjustments to his student’s art pieces before taking them to the Ellen Noel Art Museum for the High School Art Exhibit. (Michael Flax)

            Students had to work very hard to keep up with their work and maintain eligibility for these events.

            “Many students came in at lunch and other periods throughout the day to finish their pieces,” Stribling said. “I was especially proud of my remote students for participating and making the commitment to share their progress during the meets.”