Former Grad Retires from Navy


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Chief Petty Officer Duntrael Moss

Brenna Sollis, Guest Writer

From the streets of India to the coast of Maui, his experiences would leave many breathless. But he was working for the greater good, for a greater purpose. Leading a life of courage, bravery, and humility. Sacrificing much more in the process so others wouldn’t have to. A true hero who will be honored for ages is now starting a new chapter in his life. 

Permian alumn Duntrael Moss will be celebrated as he enters retirement after serving in the U.S. Navy for almost 25 years. 

Joining the Navy is definitely an adventure and can take you places you never imagined you would see, experience, or ever be a part of,” Moss said. 

While at Permian, Moss made many lifetime friends who shaped his outlook on life and unknowingly led him to where he is now. 

“I met some of the best people and friends a guy could ask for,” Moss said, “and made a promise to myself to somehow continue to impact people’s lives in a positive manner.”

During the time leading up to his eventual deployment, Moss was an average highschooler who enjoyed football and basketball. Even then his family was always cheering him on. 

“My family has always been fully supportive of my career even when it took me thousands of miles away and sometimes with limited ability to communicate with them,” Moss said. 

While still remaining in the logistics field, Moss plans to advance his barbecue catering business with his wife. 

“I do that [catering] as a love for smoking food, and try to help those in our community get a decent meal for a decent price,” Moss said.

Even though his career within the Navy is coming to an end, the former Naval chief petty officer hopes to impact as many lives as he can, in more ways than one.

“I would hope that anyone who has met me felt as though I made a positive impact on them in some way,” Moss said.

Duntrael Moss poses for his photo during basic training. He joined straight from graduation in 1996.
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