Art Competition goes Virtual

Samantha Segura, Guest Writer

    The Art Department will hold the Visual Arts Scholastic Event completely online next month due to COVID-19.

    “VASE is very different this year,” Art teacher Cheryl Stribling said. “It is basically all virtual.” 

    Normally students would have a sit-down conversation about their artwork with a judge, but that will not happen this year.

    “Instead, students will write out an explanation of their artwork, intent, and process for judges to read while they look at an online photo of the work,” Stribling said.

     There will be a whole website dedicated to this event, however, it is uncertain about the new procedures.

     “There has been a problem with the TAEA (Texas Art Education Association)website who oversees the event, so at this time we are unsure what all of the new rules and regulations will be for putting on the event,” Art teacher Pamela Burkhaulter said.

     They’re still looking for more participants to take part in VASE.

    “Any Permian student is eligible to participate in VASE, even if they are not currently enrolled in an Art class,” Stribling said. “Of course, they have to be passing all classes in order to participate.”

    VASE allows students to express their love for art.

    “I love creating art, and by participating in VASE, I get to put together pieces to share with others and receive recognition,” sophomore Cora Smith said.

    This event also allows students to look at other artworks. 

    “The bonus about doing VASE is that I can look at the art from people at other schools who might have a different style than me,” Smith said.

    Students take much time to prepare for this event, to make sure that everything goes well.

    “I’m still in the planning process for the type of artwork to use,” senior Autumn Shelton said.

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