Students Find Virtual Learning Mentally Challenging

Yanitza Martinez, Staff Writer

This school year students have experienced many changes, from being at school learning and interacting with others to becoming virtual students learning through a screen. With all the fast changes students have been affected negatively and mentally.

“This year has been a year that has been very different from the past with the changes in routine, lack of structure, and change in family situations such as home environments and loss of work,” SAS Counselor Caroline Turnbull said. “There is a need for interaction and collaboration with other students and staff to help improve their social and emotional skills crucial to help advance them in their career, family, and relationships in the future.” 

With online learning, many students have lost communication with their friends and teachers. Students feel overwhelmed from having to do online school with no social interaction.

“Honestly it is lonely at home with no social communication. It’s so sad,” virtual student junior Iris Espino said.

Yet there are many ways to stay mentally positive, along with finding ways to help with online learning.

“There are many positive aspects of attending virtual classes,” SAS Counselor Dr. Tina Caro said. “Online learning helps students work on effective time management, can help students feel safe and allows students to learn from a comfortable space at home.” 


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