Holiday at Home

Students and parents prepare for family bonding over break

James Keith, Sports Editor

Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner, and many Permian parents are preparing to spend time with their kids during that time.

The week off gives kids and parents the opportunity to spend quality time together that they don’t get with school every day. Because of this, many parents have already made plans for what they would like to do for family bonding.

“I’m excited to spend time with my boys that I normally wouldn’t get with him attending school,” Raymond Barry, a parent of two students, said. “I’ve already gotten some ideas for what we can do, like a movie night or a family game night.”

However, some parents have to prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday before they can truly focus on spending time with their kids.

“Since I host Thanksgiving every year, I have to make sure the house is clean and set for any family coming for the holidays,” Shauna Keith, another Permian parent, said. “Luckily, I can have my son help with everything now that he’s on break.”

Not only are the parents looking forward to the bonding time, but the students are as well.

“These breaks only come every so often, so I make sure to spend as much time as I can with family,” sophomore Michael Barry said. “It’s a great time to catch up with any family time I might’ve lost from school and studying.”