How The Election Perfectly Summarized 2020

James Keith, Sports Editor

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As the 2020 election winds down and president-elect Joe Biden hopes to lead a fruitful campaign, we take a look at the election that personified the year 2020: an absolute disaster.

In a time where people can’t seem to get along, where arguments are more than common, what better to soothe the mood than politics. This election brought about a major divide between families, friends, and America in general. There was hope this would all end come post-election, but it did not. If anything, it made things worse in the end.

The election was supposed to be a one-night extravaganza as many people sat in their suburban homes talking about how scared they were with their glasses of wine, as they watched the duel of the two best candidates each party had to offer: a 77-year-old man and a much younger 74-year-old man. The election started off as any other election, the red states being called, the blue states being called, and the power grab Vermont with its monstrous three electoral votes going blue in a shocking twist. Everything seemed to be going fine until the swing states came in. 

Low booth workers, mechanical malfunctions, and trouble with mail-in ballots would cause the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada to extend the election into at least another day. Due to this, current president Donald Trump would begin to claim voter fraud, and after a massive spike up in votes for Joe Biden, he is now filing many lawsuits towards the supreme court. In what must have been the biggest surprise of the century, it turns out telling your parties voters to avoid mail-in ballots would lead to a landslide when they count the mail-in ballots. This has made many people angry in the belief that the election was rigged, which has only divided us even further. 

This election has been a true nightmare for all of America. No matter who someone voted for, there’s a sense of dread, and with ongoing lawsuits and allegations, it most likely still isn’t over. No matter what the electoral college determines, there’s only one true loser of this election: America. Not because of either candidate, but because there is no agreement between people, there is no acceptance, and families are dividing over something as simple as politics. The president may be the head chief of state, but only the unison of the American people can truly “Build Back Better”, and “Make America Great Again”.