Hybrid gets Phased Out

Yanitza Martinez, Staff Writer

Hybrid began slowly being phased out Oct. 19 with the freshmen, and then the sophomores were phased in Nov. 2. With this teachers have experienced change, having to take care of more students in class while maintaining the connection with both them and their virtual students.

“It’s scary,” Spanish teacher Salvador Perez said. “It’s scary for me and for them, but they do for the most part focus more (at school).”

While freshmen students are attending school full time the rest of the high school grade levels remain hybrid. The next set of students will start full time learning at school on Nov. 2 which will contain sophomores.

“I really don’t think we should have everyone going to school. We should just stay online unless we actually need to go to school,” senior Angie Esparza said.

The last phase will be for juniors and seniors, taking place Nov. 16.

“I don’t think they (teachers) will be able to multitask,” junior Dustin Minyard said.