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Permian sports adjust to requirements to compete


Michael Flax

Trainers make sure all of the water bottles are filled before the Homecoming game. Permian would beat Midland Lee 55-44.

James Keith, Sports Editor

While Permian sports is officially in full swing, Covid 19 still leaves a dark cloud on how long it will last. Despite this, many precautions and changes to athletic routines give hope that there won’t be any cancellations for the year.

Though athletics and workouts are still going on, the organization has changed from its traditional style. 

“Athletics has changed drastically,” junior Emma Chavez said. “We have to submit a form, carry a mask around and practice social distancing.” 

Coaches have also made sure the safety of the athletes is being well maintained during workouts.

“The coaches have taken all precautions and are following safety guidelines to ensure the safety of all players and staff,” Says junior Jonathan Martinez. “We wear masks, disinfect equipment after use, and practice social distancing during drills.”

Even though sports may be going on for Permian, there is still a real possibility that athletics could be postponed. 

“We are well aware that sports could be canceled at any time,” junior Hunter Tate said. “If that does unfortunately happen, our goal will be to keep working hard to be ready for a great season next year.”

There may be worry that sports will be canceled, but athletes still have confidence they will get to compete this year. 

“I am very confident that we will continue to have a season this year simply because we’ve taken so many precautions,” junior Daniela Ibarra said. “With the way the school year has been going, there’s still hope that us athletes will be able to touch the field or the court, and keep the mojo tradition strong as ever.”