Weapons Smelling K-9 Unit Coming to ECISD

Bailey House, Staff writer

The Ector County Independent School District will be receiving a new K-9 sniffer dog, that can sniff out guns and ammunition in February.

K-9 dogs are trained for three to four weeks with their appointed officer to sniff out illegal drugs, gunpowder, ammunition,and explosives.

“He will be a ‘Rover-Dog’ and move between Permian and Odessa High,” Officer Larissa Garcia said.

K-9 dogs are a multi breed job, with six best options to choose from. Most police stations will choose  Dutch Shepherds because they are incredibly loyal and an easily trained-breed.  

“The new sniffer dog is named Tonka,” Officer Darrell Fowler said. He said Tonka is currently away was his owner, Jason Mason, for training.

K-9 dogs are not allowed to attack unless told to by the handler. They are highly trained and well socialized with humans as well as other dogs.

“We will be receiving a new sniffer dog for safety reasons, but he will be going all over the district,” Officer Fowler continued. “Tonka will be with his handler 24/7. They will travel and work together.”

Policeman and their dog must have a perfect connection or they can both get hurt. Considering the K-9 dog lives and trains with their owner and handler and their family they happen to have some type of connection. You can’t pet the K-9 dogs because they are working, not playing.The dogs are trained to act one way while wearing their service vest, and act like a pet when they aren’t.

“Some dogs do bite and you don’t want to feed them either, unless they don’t have their collars,” Fowler said.

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