CAT Returns

Online magazine available for second year


Courtesy image.

Sophomore Andrea Davila’s painting Neon Feelings is this year’s cover art.

Brittney Reyes, Staff Writer

As attendees at Permian, having your work flaunted and viewed is a large compliment. It leaves permanence and importance, it is an honor.

Jose Trejo-Fuentez, the art teacher behind CAT magazine states, “Visual Arts- We don’t have a place to show off our art work. As football has their field, choir has their performances, and theatre has their plays, art does not have a designated area to show their talents, the display windows among the school are too tiny and you pass them so quickly you don’t get to really enjoy the art.”

A solution from the art club was to create a magazine for students who are interested in showcasing their drawings, paintings, illustrations, sculptures, etc. This magazine also features announcements about upcoming fine arts events at the school, as well as interviews, and let students know about upcoming competitions that they can join.

“(It) has grown to incorporate all fine arts,” Trejo continues. “ Of course, (the magazine) has all traditional 2d/3d entries, but it now includes musical performances, kids who play guitar, singing and even dancing are now adding to the magazine.”

Everyone is allowed to upload their talents to show their skills. And students from other schools in the city can participate and contribute.

“Anything that showcases talent, people are starting to upload,” Trejo said. He wants to remind everyone that the group meets on Mondays from 4:30 to 5:30, and anyone can upload! 

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