Sign of Unity

First Pep Rally shows Odessa strong

Sign of Unity

Joshua Garcia, Sports Editor

Pep rallies usually have a theme connected to the evening’s football game. However, the rally to start off the 2019-20 school year had a heartfelt message.

The mass shooting of Aug. 31, 2019 that left seven dead and 25 injured brought the school together in unity after this tragic event. 

“In the light of this pass weekend’s event, we can still come together and be enthusiastic,” Paul Jones, Keeper of Tradition,  said. “My favorite part was how everyone was loud and enthusiastic. They even had great reactions to the skits and it shows we’re Odessa Strong.”

For senior Ailene Castillo she really felt the message from the rally about love and unity. 

“It’s really great that we came together to show our support. Especially for the victims,” Castillo said. 

Many of her classmates joined her with having the same opinion. 

“The Odessa strong stuff really hit hard especially after what happened,” senior Sebastian Cox said. “You would think that it would never happen to your hometown. Once it happens it hits harder than what it does in other towns. It felt good seeing everyone together.”

Seeing everyone come together as one was the most common highlight of Friday’s pep rally.

“Everyone coming together to show West Texas Strong really showed how good of a community we are,” senior Tristen Williams.

Principal Danny Gex really thought the students involvement in promoting Odessa strong during the rally was a great thing to do. 

 “It’s great when you see kids doing it,” Gex said. “They don’t need to be told to do anything. It kinda gives you chills and shows that there’s a lot more good than bad in the world.” 

Getting the first pep rally right is something Jones feels is really important to the groups involved. 

“It’s extremely important. It’s the first impression,” Jones said. “The cheerleading squads, the signs, the new mascot. It sets the tone for the whole season.”