Rules Remain Unchanged, Strictly Enforced

Yanitza Marinez, Staff Writer

This year the administration of Permian High School is enforcing rules even more. 

Last year students of Permian had to have their ID’s on them. This year it is mandatory to have the ID’s around their neck. And if they lose it or forget it at home they have to pay a fee of $5 to get a new ID.

 The administration is enforcing ID’s for safety reasons. With ID’s they can identify who is not supposed to be in the building.

“I honestly don’t mind having them on, especially if it keeps us safe,” sophomore Loretta Lujan said. 

The administration is now looking at the dress code closely. The rules in the dress code have been kept the same but they have been enforcing them more strictly.

“I do like the dress code because some people would just wear inappropriate clothes,” sophomore Iris Espino said.

Permian has a rule for the past few years is that only seniors can go out for lunch. Some students dislike this rule because they say that they are tired of cafeteria food. 

“If you are able to drive I think you should go out for lunch,” freshman Brarliy Charnik said.

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