Symphonic Band and Permian Percussion Project Receive Invite to Play in Indianapolis

Randy Abbott, Editor n Chief

This past summer the symphonic band and Permian Percussion Project were invited to be a feature at  the 2019 Music For All Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana for concert band. The concert is made up of high school ensembles and bands all across The United States.

Ensembles send recordings to Music For All in order to be selected for the festival. The concert is put together to showcase the best bands and ensembles across the country in a non competitive atmosphere, unlike UIL contest.

This year there was a total of 250 ensembles that entered the contest from different schools across the country. Each ensemble enters in a complete show they did or competed at during the Spring semester of the previous school year.

“I am super excited and nervous to play on such a big and grand stage in front of a huge audience,” senior Veronica Flores said.

The Music For All Festival launched in 1992 to showcase concert bands in America, since there isn’t a grand stage for the concert side of band like there is for the marching side. 

“Going and hearing all the great ensembles from around the country will be a life changing experience, able to witness something that is a once in a lifetime experience,” senior Justin Slaughter said.

Being a feature ensemble or band receive one-on-one mentoring session from some of the biggest band directors in the United States.

The Music For All Festival will be held March 14-16 and will be live-streamed online. The streaming service for the festival has not been announced yet at this time but will be before the festival takes place. There will be 15 bands featured and 10 ensembles being featured this year for the main part of the festival. The symphonic band was invited to be a feature band at the festival.