Broken Speakers, Fire Alarms Concern Students

Randy Abbott, Editor-n-Chief

The fasted way people can get information in the school is through the public announcement system. Unfortunately in over 20 classrooms the PA system is not working.

“Knowing that the speaker does not work in my class I feel very unsafe at times,” senior Bobby Staggs said. “Also, not being able to get the announcements during homeroom is really inconvenient at times because I am missing out on what is happening within our school.”

One of the key issues with the lack of a working PA system is missing an announcement of a lock-down or a shelter-in-place.

“I believe that the speakers not working is very unsafe to me because there could be numerous threats on campus and there is no communication to the room I am in since the speaker does not work,” junior Zach Robinson said.

This is a safety hazard for many reasons, with lives potentially in danger.

“It makes me feel uncomfortable because we would not be informed about the fire and the fire could be anywhere in the school. This is a safety concern for me because my life and other people’s lives would be in danger,” freshman Braden Gipson said.

Many of these speakers have been out for over a year at the school. Numerous times last year there were shooting threats against the school made by people from outside of the school on social media, and from students in school writing threats on walls.

“If I was in that situation during a lock-down or fire I would feel hopeless and helpless during that time because anything can happen,” junior Mina Ward said.

Not only are PA systems out in the school, but some of the portables have no working fire alarm. If a fire was to ever break out in the school no one in those portables would be informed that there was a fire.

As of right now on each all way there is a teacher that is called a hallway captain and has a radio that is in direct contact with Mr. Gex during any incident that can happen at the school.

“I can’t take a gamble with those rooms,” Gex said.

Radios are spread out with one teacher on each hallway, and every principal and ECISD police officer has one.

Money to address these concerns and more would become available if the TRE was to pass on election day, Nov. 6.

“Technology would be a huge benefit,” Gex said. “It would be number one from the TRE (tax ratification election), redoing all of the sound system and the roof.”

If the TRE was to pass vote on November 6 the school would be able to get these concerns fixed.