Era of Ellison

Familiar face takes reign of Panthers

Joshua Garcia, Sports Editor

The Permian Panthers football team has been under the leadership of Blake Feldt until a surprising move to become the Midland ISD new Athletic Director brought the team without a head coach to start the season.

A familiar face has stepped in to take the reigns, former assistant head coach and offensive line coach Jeff Ellison.

“Anybody else in the staff would’ve been good for the position,” Ellison said. “The familiarity with the players and coaches was key for making this an easy move.”

Being the Permian head coach is a new step for Ellison in his coaching career.

“This feels great and I’m truly honored. There has been a lot of great head coaches to come through Permian, so it’s an honor to be the head coach here at this high school,” Ellison stated.

For Ellison being here already for six years he has already established the trust of the staff.

Now assistant head coach and defensive coordinator, Vance Washington said, “We have a veteran staff so we work well together. We’ve been together for a long time so I think the transition is real simple and we’re just picking up where we left off.”

The players feel the move was a smooth transition with already knowing Coach Ellison.

Junior Jake Parchman, offensive lineman, stated, “Not a whole lot’s changed. He was our assistant head coach last year. Therefore, our team is moving in the same direction we were last year.”

The expectations for this year are pretty clear cut.

“We want to make sure we’re getting better each and everyday. Then all the accolades and great things and championships, if we’re doing our job, will come on it’s own,” Ellison said.