New Schedule Set for Fall

Anabel Sanchez

A final draft of the new schedule has been approved. For the 2017 – 2018 school year, the new schedule will be put into play by Permian High School. Although some things resemble the current schedule, such as forty-nine minutes per class period and six for each passing period, there have been a few changes that affect students.
“The new lunch schedule is better because the lines will go by faster and there will be less violence amongst the freshman,” freshman Jitzel Rodriguez said.
Although most lunches this year have been mostly based on grade level, next year, the lunches will be completely based off of how lunch would fit onto a student’s schedule. That being said, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen will be mixed up during lunch.
“We’re not at capacity so we can hold more students if necessary. Hypothetically, you could have juniors join the seniors for off campus lunch,” Principal James Ramage said. “However, right now we just need to start lunches earlier to include that fourth lunch.”
Calculations show that next year there will be approximately 3197 students attending Permian High School. In order to accommodate the students, lunch is starting early in order to include an additional lunch period.
“There’s really no point in moving homeroom to seventh period, it’s just kind of a bother,” sophomore Manuel Torres said.
In this present school year, third period was set to be homeroom. This is a class period where students may study, do other work, or listen to whatever the teachers are required to teach at the time. As previously stated, this period will become the new seventh period while third period will be an ordinary class.