A Dog’s Purpose DVD set for May 2

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Vivian Beseril, Staff writer

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A Dog’s Purpose is about a dog originally named Bailey, who goes through many lives to uncover what a dog’s purpose truly is. Throughout the movie, Bailey discovers how the emotions and actions of many different people impact their futures and change their ways of viewing certain things. Once Bailey finishes “helping” the ideal person in one of his lives, he gets to move on to another life with a different individual, who needs his companionship to find happiness.

In Bailey’s first life, he had a very close relationship with a boy named Ethan, and as time with Ethan went by, he had also formed close relationships with his friends, family and girlfriend. Later in the movie, Bailey passes away, and goes through many other lives, only to return to one where he is reunited with Ethan to help him find out how to love and truly be happy again.

This movie pulled at my heart strings and was an incredible tear-jerker all the way through. It was a very sentimental, feel-good, movie and I would definitely jump at the opportunity to see it once again. I would highly recommend going out with mom, dad, or any other family member or friends to go see this movie, because it was definitely worth it.