Monster Trucks Review

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Vivian Beseril, Staff writer

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Monster Trucks begins with a couple of scientists and their boss, who are all drilling for oil on a rig. When the drill hits an air pocket and explodes, an alien-like creature appears. The scientists’ boss wants to keep the creature for science and to also earn money from experiments. Everything is knocked off course when the creature escapes to a junkyard, where Tripp, the protagonist, spends his free time working on his truck. Over time, Tripp and “Creach” develop an unlikely friendship, as Tripp and friends protect Creach from captivity in order to get him home safely.

This movie was a great sci-fi, action movie and I would definitely see it again with my littler siblings or family. In the beginning it left me in a mystery-type suspense, and had me laughing at some of the comical sides of the film. But all in all, it was a really good movie and I would definitely see it again.