Students Visit Washington D.C.

Four Students witness Presidential Inauguration from Capital


Vicindy Barnett

Gabriel Salazar, Gabrielle Ramos, Ryanne Mora and Jacinda Florez stand in front of the US Capital building as they wait for the Presidential Inauguration to get underway.

Anabel Sanchez, News Writer

Towards the end of January, students from Permian received the opportunity to witness the presidential inauguration in person. With United States history teacher, Vicindy Barnett, they were able to explore Washington D.C. and all that the nation’s capital has to offer. From watching President Donald Trump being sworn into office to the Women’s March the day after, these students were able to be so close to events that will shape our history.
“I was quite excited to attend the inauguration. Being present at one of the most important historic traditions of America was what motivated me the most,” senior Ryanne Mora said.
Watching the inauguration on T.V. is a common thing to do every four years, as a new person takes the stand as the leader of the nation. However, witnessing it right as it occurs in front of you is an event that few will get to experience in this lifetime.
“The people that showed up really represented the basic American,” Mrs. Barnett said. “They were not the influential, powerful, or elite. They were the real Americans who voted to have their voices heard.”
On January 21st, women young and old, even people of other genders, took a stand and exercised their right to protest.
“We were able to see the Women’s March and others walking on the streets with signs. As a person who strongly supports women’s right it was really nice to see all the people who shared similar ideas,” senior Jacinda Florez said.
Following the success of the previous trip, there may be another opportunity for students to go to Washington D.C. Although they may not be able to watch a president be sworn in, they’ll still be able to visit the various museums and memorials if this plan works out.
“I would like to offer a trip next summer in 2018 to Washington allow more student to witness the capital and allow them to visit fascinating landmarks,” Barnett said.