Lady Panthers Starts District Play 1-1

Young team strives to unite as district kicks

Ruben San Miguel, Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity soccer team ended their pre-district season 5-3, and although they had a rough start with all of the senior starters leaving, they are still pushing forward as they inch closer to the start of their district games.

“We lost a lot of seniors last year and most of them were starters,” Junior Lauren Simmons said.

This year the team will have to learn to work together really quickly, due to all of the lower classmen they have starting this season.

“We need to improve on working the ball down field to score,” Junior Bria Montes said.

For the team to accomplish their goals they will need to spend more time together.

“Our team chemistry isn’t very good and that’s because when we get a break at practice we all have our own little group of friends that we go with, or even on the weekend. We never do things as a whole. We just hang out with the same group of girls,” Sophomore Kendra Cecil said.

If the team wants to win a state championship they will need to find their chemistry very quickly.

“This year’s team and its goals and expectations is no different from any other team,” Coach Chad Peterson said. “We want to be recognized on the district, area, and state level. Just because we have a younger team this year and we are starting different freshmen and sophomores every week, we stay focused on what our goal is and we do whatever it takes to accomplish everything that we strive for.”

In district play, they are now tied with one win and one loss. They will play their next game this Friday at Ratliff against Midland Lee.

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