Enjoy Thrills with The Bye-Bye Man

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Vivian Beseril, Staff writer

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The Bye-Bye Man is about a boyfriend, his girlfriend, and his best friend who all buy a house on a college campus together. The first night they throw a party and a medium fortune-teller comes to bless the house. The same night the protagonist of the movie finds a nightstand drawer with “The Bye-Bye Man” carved into it, and unfortunately speaks his name. From this point on the cursed name spreads, and all four of the main characters begin to lose sanity, which then leads to their untimely demise.

This movie was very good. There were parts where it really had me hanging on the edge and frightened me a couple of times, but when the end came I was let down because I thought there would be an even bigger twist then what the producers left the audience with. Even so, I would still see it again and I would still recommend others to go enjoy the thrill.