Getting Split

Zero Media

Mariah Rodriguez, Editor n Chief

The movie Split is about three girls who are kidnapped after a birthday party by a man, McAvoy, with 23 distinct personalities. They have to work together to decide which personality can help them escape, and which will try to stop them. The girls later find out about a 24th unknown personality, and try to escape before the frightful personality comes to light.

Despite being classified as a horror movie, the most intense parts come when McAvoy is sitting on the couch speaking with psychiatrist. Throughout the entire movie McAvoy switches from persona to persona with minor outfit changes. Although they’re minor you the actor does an amazing job making it evident he’s portraying a new character.

It was an intense, thrilling movie that didn’t rely on jump scares like most horror movies do. I would highly recommend this movie. Although the ending was a bit confusing, it’s still an amazing movie. It was intense