Frankenstein Returns to Big Screen

New movie places spin on old, familiar story

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Samantha Houser, Staff Writer

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The story of Frankenstein is a story everyone knows. The story of a monster who comes to life by an evil genius, who is named Victor Frankenstein.
Daniel Radcliffe (must people know as Harry Potter) plays the hunchback Igor in this story.
The movie starts off at a circus where Radcliffe’s character works as a clown, to be practically humiliated for his spinal injury and crippled walk. He gets very fascinated in the works of the human body.
Then comes Professor Frankenstein (James McAvoy), who sees that within the hunchback there than just the circus life, so he helps him escape. Frankenstein then gives him the name Igor, after his past servant has mysteriously gone missing.
It is also there that they begin their work with the creation. Then the real adventure begins.
Overall the movie was an excellent re-telling of the fairy-tale. The actors were on point, the filming was on point, the story was on point, except for the circus parts where the story starts off which seemed a bit arbitrary. The movie was about two hours long and it was a bit tiring sitting there looking at a screen. My overall rating for the movie is a 4.5 out of 5 because it was an excellent, in depth retelling of the story everyone knows.