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Gamers Unlocked

Students find new home with computer gaming club.

Oliver Kimble, Staff Writer

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Sophomore Ladarrius Rainwater, freshman Jaren Holdridge, and sophomore Julian Rodriquez play against each other on a PS3.

Sophomore Julian Rodriquez, freshman Jaren Holdridge, and sophomore Ladarrius Rainwater play against each other on a PS3.

Jim is walking down the peaceful street.
Then all of a sudden, BANG! He suddenly finds himself in a crazy situation where bullets are flying and things are exploding.
Jim gets hit and goes down.
Then he presses X, spawns again, and is back in the match.
That is one of the experiences that the Gamers Unlocked club had during their last meeting.
The group played many games including Call of Duty: Black Ops II (on the Xbox 360), Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (on the Wii).
“I just really want everybody to come together and have fun, meet new people doing something they love,” club sponsor Josette Ziegler said.
According to Zeigler this club is a place to locate people with similar interests.
“You can get in touch with people who love the same games or same type of games you do,” Zeigler said, “share Gamertags, share whatever you want to, and just come to a place where you can just have fun.”
It did not take long before the attendees started exchanging names.
“Video games help me open up,” junior Jacinda Florez said.
On all the games, the players took turns based on the method they decided, switching who plays after each life or each match
“We are gamers because we have no life,” freshman Angel Chavez said. “Because we have many [lives].”
The next meeting for this club is supposed to have an additional console.
“[We are] going to have three TVs and somebody is going to bring an HDMI projector too,” Zeigler said, “so we will have four or five different games going on.”

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Sophomore Michael Stowe, junior Gauge Silvas, freshmen Angel Chavez and Ignacio Morales, and junior Bartolo Landa are watching the game from a Xbox 360.

“It is better than I thought it would be,” junior Javier Valenzuela.
“We may not be sports, but we are fun!” sophomore Michael Stowe.
The Gamers Unlocked Club meet in room D-12 (Far right door right before going into the academic building).

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