Permian’s 2015-16 Class Favorites

Michael Flax, Adviser

Students had the opportunity to vote for their class favorites in October.  The following are this year’s winners:

Seniors Favorites: Kara Williams and Ryder Holder

Most Likely to Change the World: Majeda Abu-alghanam and Andrew Shelton

Class Fashionista: Rylee Taylor and Ruben Lugo

Most Patriotic: Mitzi Trujillo and Fletcher Fields

The “Hipster”: Victoria Escontrias and Nathaniel Maldonaldo

Sassiest Person: Avery Steen and Jeremiah Leija

The Class Clown: Jordan Fitzpatrick and Adrian Rivera

Most Talented: Tianna Sherman and Brandon Bailey

Most Athletic: Rhianna Jones and Dextor Neboh

Best #Selfie: Moriah Berryhill and Marc Prieto

Senior Class Favorite Teacher: Mr. Bullard

Homework Overlord: Ms. Shedwin

Most likely you would want as your Grandma/Grandpa: Ms. May

Most Fun Class: Ms. Hart

The Jokester: Mr. Graham

Most School Spirited: Ms. Love-Jackson

Juniors Class Favorites: Isabella Salmon and Brock Young

Junior Most Talented: Seneca Mick and Grantham Wash

Junior Most Spirited: Scout Burrows and Tate Thompson

Junior Most Athletic: Jessica Nguyen and Kobe Robinson

Junior Class Favorite Teacher: Mr. Chavez

Sophomores Class Favorites: Anna Tran and Stephen Steen

Sophomore Class Favorite Teacher: Mr. Garcia

Freshmen Class Favorites: Natalie Terry and Andy Notley

Freshmen Class Favorite Teacher: Ms. Nazario