Competition from Imagination

Students come together for fun, creativity in The Gaming and Logic Club

Samantha Houser, Staff Writer

Rolling dice, fanning cards, tabletop games, and fictional fun are all part of The Gaming and Logic Club. It is filled with gaming for any enthusiast, while including games of different varieties.
“We play tabletop RPGs (role playing games), we play trading card games like Magic Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, and we play some different board games; anything from chess all the way up to things like Munchkin,” Kevin Lewis, the host of The Gaming and Logic Club, said.
Role playing games seem to be a popular aspect of the club and although roleplayed, they aren’t always roleplayed.
What Lewis explained was that tabletop RPG’s are “where you can make your own character, and then you play that character.”
“It’s essentially like what you do in a RPG video game, but instead of seeing the character you make it up in your head,” senior Matthew Atchley, president of The Gaming and Logic Club, said.
The club sustains many different aspects of gaming, including the RPG’s, but even if you are just a fan of gaming itself the club is just a way to have fun.
“I have been the host for three years and I wanted to host it because there was nothing like it anywhere at the school, and it gives an opportunity for others who are not involved in any other clubs to actually get involved,” Lewis said.
Some might that think club might not benefit students in the future. Well… that’s where you’re wrong.
“There are a lot of ways it can benefit the students, aside from them being involved in an extracurricular it also teaches them leadership skills, teamwork, creative writing, math, problem solving, logic skills… all of those things,” Lewis said.
The club could also lead to a career if one would want to possibly pursue a career in gaming.
“There are lots of gaming companies out there that people could go work for once they go out to the work force, there are opportunities for this type of industry,” Lewis said.
But, at the end of the day, if you are just wanting to make friends and socialize with fellow gaming enthusiasts, who you might have similarities with, this club could be perfect for you.
“It’s just fun to do, and it helps you make friends with people,” Atchley said.
But most importantly, “It’s Creative,” Lewis said.

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