Walking Dead Comes Back for 6th Season

Welcome back to land of the dead

Samantha Houser, Staff Writer

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The killer AMC series filled with the non-living, “Walking Dead”, started its sixth season Oct. 11, 2015. It started off showing a pit of zombies in what seemed to be a big thrash pit, keeping the zombies between the semi trucks that seem to be blocking the dead, and the only way for the zombies to leave is to squeeze between the trucks while exposing their body parts of unceasing flesh.

Then whole episode escalates from there and also includes flashback scenes that are in black and white. Almost all of the episode was in black and white, the scenes were basically the plan to evacuate hundreds and hundreds of zombies from one point to another in order to limit the numbers of zombies exposed in the area. One might be thinking, well how is it possible to even move an apocalyptic amount of zombies from the north to west with only the hands of about eight human beings? Well the idea was to herd them all together.

Zombies follow each other in packs and are attracted by loud noise, but everything is ruined when an alarming siren sounds is heard from the house, causing the zombies to follow it instead.

I felt that this start to a new season was okay, but it wasn’t the best. I would probably give this a four out of a five star rating because I wasn’t a fan of how they did the black and white scenes all throughout the episode. Don’t get me wrong, the story line was great, but if they began with the beginning rather than going from middle to beginning and middle to end of the episode, in my opinion, it would have been better. At least for me, the best parts were the colored scenes.