Students get Fright Fix at Defcon

Expectations bring added fear to event

Breana Scott, Staff Reporter

***Opinion pieces reflect the opinion of the writer only, and not the opinion of the newspaper staff, student body, administration or school faculty.***

Friday, Oct. 16, I visited Defcon. This was my second time to attend this haunted house. At the beginning of it I had so much anxiety because my friends were making me be the lead, but after a while I had no problem. Honestly, it was a decent event, but I feel like it could have been a little bit better. I feel like the costumes needed to be a little more realistic because even in the darkness and flashing  lights I could tell that it was cheap plastic. I did found the set up to be interesting, though.

When I was walking through some parts it looked very sketchy and it made me feel nervous because I didn’t know what could pop out or when they were going to appear. One of my favorite parts was the chainsaw men. They would chase you not only throughout the maze but even when you were exiting from the side. It surprises a lot of people so they run, and it’s pretty amusing. I will admit I did get scared, but a lot of it was because my two friends were screaming in my ears and pushing me because someone was behind them.

After finishing the maze you have an adrenaline rush. To me that was a nice feeling, and at the same time you have some relief because you made it out alive. I guess it just took me a minute to piece together why I was so scared before I actually started walking through it. Everyone at school that day was always discussing something related to horror, and then more anxiety built up in me when I realized how scared I was last year. On the way out there the ride felt like forever, so it was a big climax throughout the whole day when I finally went in. It was also late when my friends and I went so I got even more nervous. So I guess I did get scared, so overall they did well but I thought it could have been a little bit better. I will just have to check it out again next year see how well it turns out again.