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Return of ‘The Senior’

Player returns to field after 37 years to right a wrong

Camille Kenner, Staff Reporter

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A new internet documentary featuring one of Permian’s alumni from the 1965 State Champion football team is expected to be available to view before the end of 2015, featured on CleanSlate TV.

The documentary “Old School” is based off of the book The Senior by Don Yaeger and Mike Flynt. The book follows the story of the 59-year-old college football player (Flynt) who spent his last year of football in 2007 mentoring young men and doing everything he could to teach them what’s most important in life.

The story explains that it is not always easy to overcome anger, and often it is tempting to deal with aggression with aggression. But when faced with the opportunity it is imperative to remember that just because you can, it doesn’t not mean you should.

Flynt learned this lesson the hard way when one of too many fights got him removed from the team and the school. He was forced to watch from the stands as his football team lost the most important game of the year. He would get the opportunity 37 years later to make up for the mistake he had made.

Flynt, who graduated from Permian high school in 1966, was one of the first team, all-district defensive backs for the first state championship football team for Permian, starting a winning tradition at the school.

“He was very strong, and he wouldn’t back down if he believed in something.” Kathy Burrows, a former classmate of Flynt said.

Flynt had the opportunity to visit Permian for the 50th anniversary of Permian’s 1965 Football State Championship, in which he and the rest of the 65′ team become honorary “Black Shirt” members by the Permian faculty.

“I would love to see Mike again and catch up; back when we had classes together he was so cool.” Burrows said.

According to Flynt, a script has been written for a major motion picture of “The Senior”, with pre-production scheduled to start in January of 2016.

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Return of ‘The Senior’