Be Good or Get Unwound

Shusterman’s first book of trilogy takes reader into alternate universe

Kade McNutt, Edito-N-Chief

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Unwind is a book based in a society where abortion isn’t allowed, but there is a medical operation that allows you to erase a kid that the parents didn’t want to keep between the ages of 13 and 18. The operation is called unwinding. It is said to keep the child’s soul intact but their body parts that are worth money are sent to people around the world in need of them. With the operation the U.S. government made it an amendment to please both pro-life and pro-choice groups in the fight of abortion.

The book is written by Neal Shusterman, and throughout the book he showed his talent for detail. During every fight there was plenty of detail, and amazing characters. The first character introduced is Connor, who was sentenced to be unwound at the beginning of Thanksgiving break by his parents. Connor is the rebellious character who acts first and then regrets the decision he made in the moment. The other two main characters are Risa, a ward of the state, and Lev, a tithe raised in a suburban community.

Shusterman also made a few new terms that go with the book some of these are: tithe- a child that was born to be unwound as an offering to the family’s religions; clapper-a terrorist who has flammable chemicals placed in their blood.
Throughout the whole book the details of the scenery and the characters are amazing. Shusterman is a great author, and I look forward to reading the other books in the trilogy.