‘The Longest Ride’ Makes for Good Date Night

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Ashlyn Scott, Assistant Editor

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Whether you are into romance movies or not, I highly recommend that you go see the “The Longest Ride.” It has a great plot line and tremendous acting to go along with it.

One of my personal favorite actors, Alan Alda who also stared in M.A.S.H as Hawkeye, who plays Ira Levinson, a crucial role in the development of this story. To me he was a stepping stone and a mender for the young couple’s relationship bringing them together and teaching them in countless ways.

In a struggle to bring their two very different lives together Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood, yes Clint Eastwood’s son) and Sophia Danko (Britt Robertson) learn much about love and relationships. After a horrible accident Danko becomes attached to Levinson and spends the majority of her time taking care of him. In these increments of time Levinson teaches her the meaning of true love and tells her the story of his ‘longest ride.’

After listening to his experiences she decides to give up her life in pursing art and work to bring it together with Collins’ life as a professional bull rider. Collins is so focused on going to the world finals in the PBR while Danko has an apprenticeship lined up in New York.

After overcoming arguments and hard times the couple decides after the death of Levinson that it is better to work things out then to lose a love not many get a shot at. In the end because of Levinson, bringing their two lives together is made all the more possible.

I loved the movie. It was your average Hollywood betrayal of a “Country” setting. I think this movie is worth the money, and makes for a great date night.