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Why Come to School on Testing Days?

Chelsey Squiers, Staff Writer

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Many students wonder why we are still expected to come to school for 7th and 8th period on testing days.

“The reason for having to attend school on testing days is because 7th period is designated as the school’s (ADA) Average Daily Attendance, where the teachers take count on how many students are present,” Vanessa Carr, instructional services coordinator of Permian High, said.

Last Wednesday’s schedule was interrupted due to the number of students still testing at 2 p.m.

“Usually, there are only about 40 students still testing at this time, which makes it easier to just transfer the students to a different classroom,” Carr said.

Since that occurred, the students had to stay for the end of the test. It was decided upon the administrators to use 7th period as a lunch break for the students that tested, as well as teachers that provided the test.

“The reasoning for students having to attend school is because the state gets paid for the daily attendance,” Carr said.

For every individual present in a classroom, the school district gets paid a certain amount of money from state funds.

The next testing day coming up will be May 5th. Students will be taking the Algebra 1 EOC.

“Students will be expected to attend school for 7th and 8th period unless directed otherwise before that testing day occurs,” Carr said.

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Why Come to School on Testing Days?