New Video Remix Phone App Becomes Available

Trio application allows for users to create videos




Kade McNutt, Editor-N-Cheif

Trio is an new phone app that makes it easy to remix gifs, videos, and pictures into mash-ups.
Misha Leybovich, co-founder of Trio, said, “I was looking for a way to tell a story, because I can’t always be off on vacation in exotic places, but with Trio I can create it.”
Trio’s assets come from Instagram, Vine, Giphy, iTunes, movie clips, and your images. Leybovich spent seven years in multiple countries gathering media from the countries into a collective, so he could share them through Trio.
“We will add more things you could do with it,” Leybovich said.
He said they are looking into adding filters, better text, and other accessories to Trio.

He hopes Trio will go up to the top five used apps.
“In the making of Trio there was a lot of trial and error throughout the years,” Leybovich said.
The company, Meograph Inc., has published other products before Trio, such as a web destination that had a complex creator in July 2012, and a web widget with major sports and entertainment in September 2013.

Leybovich said that Trio is the culmination of everything they have learned in the two and a half years of making and selling media.
Chymz Ransom, sophomore, said,” It seems like a fun app, and has a lot of the music I listen to.”
The app was released March 4, and has gained a lot of reviews on the Appstore for iPhone.

The PHS Mojo Messenger staff encourages people to try the app and send in comments to the newspaper’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Trio founders CEO Misha Leybovich and CTO Clay Garrett.
Trio founders CEO Misha Leybovich and CTO Clay Garrett.
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