Students Spend Day Away From Classes for SATs

ECISD covers bill for Juniors’ opportunity to take test

Ashlyn Scott, Assistant Editor

The entire junior class had the opportunity to take the SAT  Feb. 25, paid for by the Ector County Independent School District. This is the first year that an opportunity like this has been offered to the juniors.

Outside this option many students may not have had the ability to take the test. This gives those students the opportunity to possibly get noticed by colleges and universities.

“This is something that we have been fighting for for the past four years that I have been here, to make that opportunity available for juniors and seniors,” College Counselor Jennifer Perkins said.

This is not only beneficial in the fact that the SAT is free of charge but also that students will not have to take time out of their lives outside of school to take the exam.

Either the SAT or the ACT are required for college admission. Some students have trouble either financially or time-wise in taking one or both of the tests.

By implementing this SAT Day, it will help determine how much more preparation needs to go into the junior and senior classes to get them “college ready.” It will help evaluate both the teachers and students to help get them to a educational level that will place the majority of students into a college level status.

“This year will be sort of a benchmark to see exactly just how many kids we have that are college ready, and for that it is a great opportunity,” Perkins said.