Beware the Thirteenth Sign

Kade McNutt, Editor-N-Cheif

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Zodaic, written by Romina Russell, is an amazing book. Its plot, characters, and knowledge of Zodiac is great.
This book relates to Hunger Games in that they both have 13 districts, or in this world 13 Zodiacs. Like the Hunger Games, the 13th sign is forgotten about, and is thought of as a myth to the people of the other 12 worlds.
I like Rhoma Grace, or Rho, because she is a strong character who from the start had a lot of potential to be an awesome character. Also her friends Mathais and Hysan are pretty great characters, because they help her along the way and coach her on how to be a Guardian- a selected member from the one of the Zodiacs planets, Cancer for her, to protect and lead them.
Throughout the book Russell shows that she knows a lot about the Zodiac, and all the aspects of each sign, as well as the myth of the 13th zodiac, and how they all connect to each other. She flaunts it all in the book, about the ways each sign acts and how they inspire themselves. Russell also takes into count how the characters of the book would look if they were all raised on different planets for generations.
Overall, I love how Romina Russell put this book together and the characters that she made.