Lip Dub Gets Postponed

Permians Lip Dub moved to football season

Camille Kenner, Staff Reporter

After much discussion and thought, Permian High school has decided to post-pone the lip dub that was originally scheduled to take place Friday, February 13th.
The Lip Dub will now take place at some point next fall while the school is at its most spirited after a pep rally.
“We want the Lip Dub to be something the students want to continue doing, it will be a great way to welcome our upcoming sophomores and freshmen and get the spirit spread school wide,” Principal James Ramage said.
There was a feeling of unease coming from many of the teachers and organizations about the Lip dub being so soon, many felt like they didn’t know quite how to participate, according to Ramage.
“In post-poning the Lip Dub we have given ourselves time to set it up in a way where every organization of the school will get to be represented and decorate their own posters and parts of the school. We will get to show off our newest additions to the building as well and showcase the new senior/ junior building.” Ramage said.
Another reason behind the change of dates is the original date clashed with too many other organizations.
“Many school activities would be out of town or busy on Friday the 13th and therefore wouldn’t get to be represented in our video,” Ramage said.
There has not been a new date set yet, however the school is aiming for a day in the Fall after a pep rally and possibly on an early release day.

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