‘American Sniper’ Gives Realistic Portrayal

Ashlyn Scott, Assistant Editor

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“American Sniper” has turned out to be a pretty controversial movie that has sparked many debates. To me this movie is a great example of what a modern day soldier and their families go through. I also really appreciate that this is not Hollywood propaganda, it was a reality for Chris Kyle. It shows you that war has an immense effect on many people. To me this reinforces that there are brave men and women who are willing to surrender their entire lives for their country and the people in it. Those men and women are the reason I can safely sit in this chair and share my opinion.

At the beginning of the movie you automatically see how much trouble Kyle is having when he is forced to make the decision to either shoot a woman and child or watch them kill his “brothers”. Some have this pre-conceived notion that soldiers enjoy killing people, but it is in fact the opposite. It takes a toll not only while they are at war but when they are coming home, and PTSD is a prime example. However, they are in fact relieved when those enemies are eliminated as a threat to our military; they were not just an ordinary woman and child, but enemies.

Kyle’s father explained in an analogy to him and his brother when they were young and I believe that it was a great way to explain people’s personality types. The analogy was talking about sheep, wolves and sheepdogs, by comparing these three, a person is either the bully, the victim or the protector. Kyle’s dad went on to say that in his household he would have only sheepdogs. Kyle’s job as a sniper was to be a sheepdog for his US military brothers.

Clint Eastwood and the others behind the making of this movie did a fantastic job of casting. Bradley Cooper portrayed Kyle so well! His massive character and gentle being were all able to shine at once. Taya Kyle’s part was also cast exceptionally well, for the actors and actresses who had never experienced these things in reality they did a great job emotionally connecting their feelings to them and each other.

I feel that “American Sniper” was a very well written and produced movie. I went in ready to watch a good movie and ended up completely knocked off my feet in awe. Hats off to Kyle and all of the past, present and future soldiers and protectors of America! Happy belated Chris Kyle day!