‘American Sniper’ Opens

Eastwood directs new movie of American hero

Ashlyn Scott, Assistant Editor

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A story focused around a legendary American hero, the movie “American Sniper” came out Jan. 16. Clint Eastwood directed this movie to show Christopher Kyle’s amazing life journey that just so happened to begin with his birth in Odessa, TX in 1974. Based on the book American Sniper, it is a story that incorporates love, parenthood, war and all-around true heroic dedication, set to surely rivet hearts of many by showing just how intense a soldier’s life can be.

Kyle was a decorated United Navy SEAL, served four tours in Iraq and became known as the most lethal sniper in all of US military history. He was so lethal that the Iraqi insurgents nicknamed him “Devil of Ramadi” and had high bounties on his head. He had a confirmed (witnessed) number of 160 kills out of a probable 255 kills. Kyle saved many lives and contributed greatly to the United States through military service.

In 2009, he returned home from the Navy to be with his wife and two kids. In 2012, Kyle published his autobiography, American Sniper, which became a bestselling book. The book covered his life growing up and all his combat experiences.

You can see this movie at Century 12.