Mojo Messenger

2017-2018 Staff

Aaliyah Sanenz

Staff Writer

I am a junior this year and I plan on going to college to get a business degree, as well as a degree to teach dancing. I joined the newspaper staff because I want to help people get their stories out and their voices heard.

Libbey Wood

Staff Writer

I am a junior, I plan to attend OC for my basics and West Texas A&M to major in psychology. I have lived in Odessa for 2 years but I have moved around a lot and have family everywhere, but I am originally from Amarillo. I...

Amber Torres

Staff Writer

I am a junior at Permian High School. My hobbies are drawing and playing sports in my spare time. I decided to join the newspaper staff because I wanted to try something new in my last two years at Permian. I want to go to college...

Bailee Fuller

staff writer

I am a junior and this is my first year on the newspaper staff. I wanted to join staff because I believe it is good to know what is going on in the world around you in order to have valued opinions in society. I want to be educated...

Yurim Bius

Staff Writer

I am 16 and this is my second year on the newspaper staff. I am a junior and I have lived in Odessa most of my life. The reason I choose to take this elective is that I feel like it is going to help me with a future job of writing...

Joshua Garcia

staff writer

I attend Permian High School and I am a sophomore. I also run on the Varsity teams for Track and Cross Country. I have lived in Odessa, TX my whole life, so I "Rep" the 432. I am on the newspaper staff because I want to get the...

Matthew Sims

Staff Writer

I am a news reporter for the Mojo Messenger, and have been on the staff for a year. I am on staff to help improve my photography skills and to build my portfolio for a potential career. I joined the staff to help me be noticed...

Randy Abbott

Sports Editor

I am a Junior here at Permian. I am in the Band. In my free time I like to play video games. I also collect LeBron’s shoes. I am a big LeBron James fan. I am really big on sports. My favorite teams in sports are the Washington...

Mariah Rodriguzez

Editor n Chief

I am a Senior and this is my third year on staff. I plan on studying political journalism in college, but which college I attend is still undecided. I most likely will attend school in the DFW area because I have a lot of family...

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