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2019-2020 Staff

Samantha Faul

Editor N Chief

Hi, I’m a senior and it’s my second year on staff. I’m on staff because I enjoy informing the student body of things that go on in the school and I like to compete in UIL. My goal is to write articles for a big newspaper...

Joshua Garcia

Sports Editor

I am the Sports Editor for the Mojo Messenger and this is my third year on the staff. I run for the varsity track and cross country teams at Permian High School. I'm in the newspaper because I want to be a journalist for a major ...

William Cline

Staff writer

I am a sophomore who joined newspaper because I thought it would be a fun and interesting experience. I am hoping to learn the skills to write well.

Denaly Lopez

Staff Writer

I'm a junior at Permian. I joined the staff to improve my journalism skills and to stay on top of all the new events going on here at school.

Elizabeth Hudson

Staff Writer

I am a junior here at Permian. This is my first year as a staff writer for Mojo Messenger. I am in dance three, very fond of music, dance and photography.

Brittney Reyes

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Brittney, I enjoy the colors of pink & glitter. My favorite movies are Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Spiderman, Far From Home and Superbad, and my favorite show is Euphoria, Friends, The office and That 70s Show....

Jada Bragg

staff writer

Hi, my name is Jada Bragg and I'm a senior at Permian. This is my first year on staff and I am excited to learn. My main goal is to blow up and then act like I don't know anybody!

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