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2018-2019 Staff

Samantha Faul

Staff writer

Hi, I’m a junior and it’s my first year on staff. I’m on staff because I want to learn how to write news stories. My goal is to write news and spread awareness for the newspaper. Twitter: @messengermojo Instagram:...

Gonzalo Armendariz

Staff Writer

I will be graduating this year, and this is my first year in newspaper.  I joined newspaper to see my work out there, to inform the students of the truth, and to better improve my writing.

Matthew Sims

Copy Editor

Hello, I am Matthew Sims and I am the Copy Editor for Mojo Messenger. I am a senior in high school and have been on the staff for three years. My goal for being on the staff was to build my photography portfolio but after all...

William Cline

Staff writer

I am a freshman who joined newspaper because I thought it would be a fun and interesting experience. I am hoping to learn the skills to write well, and I hope to move onto working on the yearbook next year.

Joshua Garcia

Sports Editor

I am the Sports Editor for the Mojo Messenger and this is my second year on the staff. I run for the varsity track and cross country teams at Permian High School. I'm in the newspaper because I want to be a journalist for a m...

Randy Abbott

Editor N Chief

I am a senior and a member of the Permian Band as well as the editor-n-chief of the Mojo Messenger. My goal is to bring the status of the newspaper up with a higher viewership then we have accomplished before, with a constant...

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