Arlo, Here To Heal

William Cline, Staff Writer

Arlo is big and fluffy, and not just on the outside. As a therapy dog, Arlo is there to help comfort and assist people that talk to Student Assitance Services counselor Tina Caro.

People are allowed to pet Arlo and even he has some favorite snacks you can drop by for him.

“He loves granola bars, but only the honey and oats, Sams rotisserie chicken, and the non-meat smart bones,” Caro said.

Arlo is pretty well known not just by Caro’s patients but all around the school.

“Arlo sees about five people in one-on-one sessions and around 400 in the building a day,” Caro said.

The number of students much outweigh the number of counselors.

“Two years ago eight students passed away and there are over 4000 students and not enough counselors to help them all,” Caro said.

Arlo is still quite young, even for a dog.

“Arlo is three years old and his birthday is February 1st,” Caro said.

People’s overall view of Arlo is positive.

“I think he has been good for students’ mental health and he helps them to relax,” SAS counselor Cathy Turnbull said.

Students find Arlo to be a helpful addition in sessions.

“Dr. Caro and Arlo are both very helpful for people who have mental health issues and I think they are both very qualified,” senior Kade Foster said.

Even students that simply run across the two in the hallway think Arlo is helpful.

“He is nice for helping people to talk about their problems,” sophomore Jacob Templeton said.


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