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2016-2017 Staff

Samantha Houser


Many people like to rhyme my name with many words such as slam, ham, grand. I've lived in Odessa now for a year and wish to leave as soon as I can. As a senior, I plan on attending college after I graduate, but sadly my chances...

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Matthew Sims

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore and this is my first year in newspaper. I plan to write many stories to boost my image for colleges so I may be accepted for a decent photojournalism program and gain a scholarship for college. I have lived in...

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Anabel Sanchez

Staff Writer

I’m a senior and this is my first year on the newspaper staff. I plan on traveling the world since I have an interest in visiting new places as well as learning about different cultures and history. Although that is my dream,...

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Justine Gardner

Staff Writer

I am a freshman, and one of the main reasons that I am in newspaper is because I want to work on the yearbook staff next year.  My favorite bands are Attila and Black Veil Brides. My goal for school is to 1. Pass, 2. Pass a...

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Aubrey Deel

Audio Visual Editor

I’m a junior, and I enjoy newspaper because the class allows you to write about news and drama going on around school. I also make videos for the Mojo Messenger. My hobbies include listening to music, working out, reading and...

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Sierra White


I’m a sophomore, and I really love sweet tea. I am a member of the JV Black tennis team. I grew up in McKinney, Texas and moved to Odessa in the summer of 2014, so I’m in newspaper to help me better understand the West Texas...

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Randy Abbott

Sports Editor

I am a Sophomore here at Permian. I am in the Band and am the Woodwind Lieutenant for the woodwind section. In my free time I like to play video games. I also collect LeBron’s shoes. I am a big LeBron James fan. I am really...

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Hunter Pence

Staff Writer

I’m a Sophomore in newspaper. I’m a 16-year-old boy that is just living an amazing life with amazing people in it. The number one thing that you want or should know about me is that I’m a respectful teenager to everyone...

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Ashley Jimenez

Staff Writter

I’m 16 years old and a sophomore. My favorite drink is sweet tea! Yum!! I am a very easy person to get along with. I’m also involved in Panther paws and in choir, which are both very good programs! I have decided to join newspaper...

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Kendra Cecil

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore, and I am on staff because it’s a great way to be a part of the school and be up to date with everything going on. A little bit about me is that I play soccer for three different teams: Permian, Ajax FC, and...

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Esmi Rodriguez

Staff Writer

I am a sophomore, and getting to know me is easy. My favorite hobby is photography and I enjoy everything to do with makeup. My family considers me a social butterfly because of my ability to make friends often and become involved...

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Vivian Beseril

Staff Writer

I am a freshman and this is my first year in newspaper. I joined newspaper because in the future I want to report and write articles for the New York Times. I also want to be a best-selling author for children’s and young adult’s...

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Mariah Rodriguzez

Staff Writer

I’m a junior and this will be my second year on staff. I plan on studying  political journalism in college, going to UNT or Austin College because they contain the major I want and I have family and friends...

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